Net Carbon Zero - Nature Positive Commitment

Go Green Travel is a company who’s driving purpose is to reimagine the future of travel. 

We are committed to promoting regenerative travel for a more sustainable tourism industry. 

We support our community by fostering best practice sharing - sharing insights, traveller tips, resources and learnings to provide support on our collective journey to making real impact for people and the planet.

What we're doing

Our Impact How What
Climate Action Establish protocols to minimise our carbon footprint We have intentionally built a business that has a minimal carbon footprint. We have made a Tourism Declares A Climate Emergency declaration, started our journey to becoming a BCORP business, put our money where our mouth is - our banking is done through Bank Australia (a BCORP that does not invest in fossil fuels), we use ECOSIA as our preferred search engine, and we strategically partner with likeminded awesome producers and suppliers that align to our mission. 
Measure of carbon emissions We're a proud partner of Sustainable Travel International, who's committed to helping protect our planet. 
Offset our emissions We believe in the power of nature to heal and balance. That's why we support certified carbon reduction projects around the world.
Nature Develop a regenerative tourism framework We are developing a regenerative tourism framework as a resource for accommodation and tourism operators to adopt regenerative practices. Our goal is to spark social awareness and drive behavioral change — for people and for planet.
Environmental awareness We provide education resources for our travellers and local communities on the importance of environmental conservation and how to positively impact the places they visit.
People + Culture Local and respectful travel We provide our guests with a travel calculator to measure their journey and offset their emissions with our partner Sustainable Travel International for global landscape restoration and biodiversity projects.
Localising supply chains Our company procurement policy promotes 'local first' behaviours, to support a sustainable local economy amongst our owners and guests.
Community based tourism products and services We actively source from and support local communities to develop and market their products and services that showcase their cultural and natural heritage.
Waste + Pollution Eco friendly travel We inspire our travellers to adopt eco-friendlier travel habits that create less waste, to take away their rubbish and conserve precious resources.
Zero waste business We're a group of passionate travellers, who are also passionate about making travel regenerative. We want to support accommodation and tourism operators on their journey, to showcase how they can minimise waste, pollution and their carbon footprint.

We strive to do better.